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"I happen to think you were not only the best person to edit this on the planet, but also the only person I want editing my content moving forward.  Your ability to tell a story trumps anything I’ve seen another editor do.

-Ash Patino

Producer/ Director of MALLORY

"Jenna turned a mountain of footage into a compelling story for our feature documentary, Fencing for the Edge. Her precise editing, keen storytelling, and collaborative approach significantly contributed to the film's success. I highly recommend Jenna for her outstanding work on our project."

-Holly Buechel


"Jenna is a gifted story-teller who uses editing in a nuanced and compelling way to engage viewers on a deep level; and technically speaking. Working with Jenna is a pure pleasure. She is thoughtful and detail-oriented from the outset, a creative and open-minded collaborator, and naturally puts everyone involved at ease -- "


Lisa Karasic

Non-profit Chief Marketing Officer






"I loved working with Jenna! She threw herself 100% into the project. She asked all the right questions. She came with lots of thoughts and was always open to discussion and brainstorming. I always want to work with people who clearly care about making the work the best it can possibly be and that’s Jenna. I was also very impressed at the speed with which she worked and how fast she could pour through material.”

-Ted Passon

Director/ All Ages Productions

"Jenna has been an absolute godsend! Her professionalism, attention to detail, dedication to her work, artistic expertise and project management are world-class. Her communication and editing skills are impeccable. She cares which says it all. She listened and integrated my feedback without a hitch, allowing our collaboration to grow with increasing trust each step along the way.  Jenna has transformed my project into something that I never thought possible. I am forever grateful."


-Shoshanna Katzman

Creator of the Center of Power online course






"My goodness, you are incredibly generous.  I’m really moved by the time and intention you took to really parse things out, give really skillful feedback, both emotional and technical while also balancing it out with what you loved about it. You really are masterful at giving feedback. I’m so glad I asked you!  Thank you so much for bringing your full self to the story and film. Your insights & heart are teaching me!"


-Ashley Mosher

Producer/ Director of Good Boy

"Thank you for your incredibly generous and really informative response to my video. I'm so excited to play with your suggestions! I am deeply grateful for your time and wisdom. You’re the eye and ear we only dream about."


-Salome Chasnoff






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