JENNA A. BUSH | Documentary Editor & Filmmaker

Jenna A. Bush is a documentary/nonfiction editor and award-winning filmmaker in NJ with over 10 years of filmmaking experience.  She established JAB Films, LLC in 2012 and has since produced countless short films for a variety of clientele.  Her specialty is in editing documentary style films.

Jenna describes her approach as "telling stories from the inside out" always with the intent of bringing the audience along a dynamic emotional journey. She uses her intuitive abilities to feel her way through her films and to foster genuine natural stories that have a powerful impact on the viewer.  

"Film inspires within us a sense of connection and a feeling of possibility. Documentaries are so powerful because of they amplify real voices of real people who may not otherwise be heard. They provide a sense of understanding and a deepening of empathy that one can usually only get by going through something first hand.  Some of the best documentaries do not tell us how to think. Instead they challenge us to delve into our own inner depths to search for truth.  Sometimes asking a question is more valuable than having an answer. 


Documentary film plays a vital roll in shaping the way we relate to the world, each other, and our own internal selves.  This is why I do what I do: to challenge beliefs, foster new perspectives, and awaken compassion all the while challenging my own capacity for understanding."


                                                                                               - Jenna A. Bush

Jenna is now officially a children's book author! 

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