JENNA A. BUSH | Documentary Editor & Filmmaker

Jenna A. Bush is a documentary/nonfiction editor and award-winning filmmaker in NJ with over 10 years of filmmaking experience.  


Her company JAB Films, LLC was established in 2012 and has since produced countless short films for a variety of clientele with a specialty in documentary style films for non-profit organizations.

Jenna describes her approach as "telling stories from the inside out" always with the intent of bringing the audience along a dynamic emotional journey. She uses her intuitive abilities to feel her way through her films and to foster genuine natural stories that have a powerful impact on the viewer.  


Because of their profound relationships with their communities, nonprofits have the some of the most prolific and richly human stories to tell.  Giving form to nonprofit narratives enriches community connection and enhances the nonprofit's own capacity to give back to its community.

"Film inspires within us a sense of connection and a feeling of possibility. Documentaries are so powerful because of their ability to amplify real voices of real people who may not otherwise be heard. They provide a sense of understanding and a deepening of empathy that one can usually only get by going through something first hand.  In this way, films play a vital roll in shaping the way we relate to the world and each other."

                                                                           - Jenna A. Bush