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short documentary

When Julia was born, she was diagnosed with a rare condition called Myotonic Distrophy. The prognosis was grim and the doctors determined she would have merely months to live.  Miraculously, Julia beat the odds and survived.  Heeding medical advice, her parents Marcelo and Milene had Julia placed in a medical facility for round-the-clock medical care.  However, after two years in the facility, she was still not eating, talking, or moving at all.  In a drastic leap of faith, Marcelo and Milene took their daughter home and enrolled her in a hippotherapy program at Special Strides. This highly effective physical and occupational therapy uses the physical and dynamic support of horses for monumental and exceedingly rapid results.  Her parents hoped that this would be the key to bringing their precious Julia to life.


Special Strides is a non-profit organization in Monroe, NJ and a client of JAB Films for over a decade.  I've witnessed first hand how their brilliant therapeutic approach massively  improves lives in ways many medical professionals initially deem impossible.  After so many years of creating 5-minute or so highlight shorts, I was yearning to capture one of their many miraculous stories in a longer form.  I felt it was important to highlight the clinical science behind the effectiveness of hippotherapy, a vital component missing from our previous films. When Julia and her family came to the farm, the executive directors called me and said "This is it!"


Already knowing the ins and outs of the farm and hippotherapy itself, I was able to focus my attentions on sweet Julia and her family. It was humbling listening to her parents, as they spoke about the agony of making life altering medical decisions for their newborn and fighting for her life all the while navigating a medical system that didn't even speak their first language.  Sitting across from them I could feel their warmth and how their love for their daughter was larger than life.


Watching Julia's progress and her personality evolve was an absolute gift, but watching her parents watch her was a beyond heartening experience that struck me on a deep level.

Which is also why on the final day of shooting, Julia had us all in tears.

This film was featured at the Woodstock International Film Festival,

New Hope Film Festival, & Equus International Film Festival and

received multiple Hope awards as well as an award for Best Editing.

PSA - 2021

We Are Garden Academy

Services for Autistic Adults

Garden Academy is provides services for autistic children, teens, and young adults ages 3-21.

I was asked to produce a series of videos highlighting topics such as job training, medical tolerance programs, training leadership, parent training, and more.  I interviewed multiple parents and staff members and recorded the students at work.  The parents were enthusiastic about sharing their stories and it was a joy to talk to each of them as they opened up about their children.

This project, like all my projects working with kids with disabilities, required a clear precise vision and compassionate approach. The staff did an amazing job of communicating their goals beforehand and subsequently monitoring their students needs and whereabouts on shoot days. This collaborative approach allowed for flexibility and enabled us to accommodate everyone's fluctuating needs while still capturing everything we needed.

short documentary

I will always have a soft spot for my first documentary film.  What began as a college project, turned into a labor of love and subsequently a successful short film. 


I was so lucky to find James who was so open and giving of his time, his personal stories, and even his personal footage from his time in the army. He broadened my perspective with his philosophical points of view and nourished my heart with his kindness and warmth. 


This film was a learning experience for me in every possible way.  Despite the old equipment, old 4:3 aspect ratio, and my (at the time) amateur skill set, I'm so proud of this film and I believe that James's message is still as relevant as ever.

MINOR DETAILS was accepted and screened at multiple juried film festivals.  I was also invited to the NJTV NJ Docs studio for an onscreen interview that was aired alongside the film for years after.



Rumschpringe Film Festival, Victoria Independent Film Festival, Phenom Film Festival, Manalapan Independent Film Festival


Garden State Film Festival Homegrown Student Documentary Short

short documentaries and PSAs


Garden State Film Festival Homegrown PSA
Garden State Film Festival Music Composition Award
EIFF Merit of the Horse Award



Garden State Film Festival

Equine International Film Festival

As much as I love all of my Special Strides collaboration, this one seems to be a crowd favorite.  For this project I wrote the voiceover, carefully selected our star horse, directed the voiceover actor, and worked very closely with the composer to ensure a cohesive vision.  Azaliah, of course, gave an extraordinary performance that just being herself.  As director, I couldn't ask for anything more!

Special Strides 20th Anniversary


Garden State Film Festival 

Equine Facilitated Learning

James Patrick Martin

Short documentary 

Garden State Film Festival
New Filmmakers New York

Monmouth County Historical Society museum

Short narrative 

Garden State Film Festival


This experimental film was inspired by an online article explaining the physics of kites and how they fly.  I was inspired by the poeticism of the scientific description.  The relationship between the kite and the air felt paralleled to that of my own inner battles and my love for people in my life.

This films starts Cat Cosentino and John Cherney as well as my grandparents Jerry and Edith Bush who have both since passed on.  During the making of this film, I didn't quite realize how precious of a memory it would be become.

Commercial 2011

This quirky little commercial written by Marla Pachter was the entry for Doritos contest.  It was an absolute blast to be a part of and still makes me laugh to this day.

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