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"Jenna is a talented filmmaker in every sense of the word. Her cinematographic eye is impeccable, capturing and optimizing the most impactful imagery to suit the purpose and tone of a film; she is a gifted story-teller who uses editing in a nuanced and compelling way to engage viewers on a deep level; and technically speaking, Jenna’s high standards and unwavering commitment to quality ensure her films’ production values meet the utmost professional levels. Working with Jenna is a pure pleasure. She is thoughtful and detail-oriented from the outset, a creative and open-minded collaborator, and naturally puts everyone involved at ease -- from initial planning and ideation, to filming, and through completion. I have worked with Jenna as a co-producer/director and as a client. Under any circumstances, I am confident putting a project in Jenna’s capable hands and I look forward to many more together."


Lisa Karasic

Chief Marketing Officer

Jewish Federation in the Heart of New Jersey

"I have had the honor of working with Jenna throughout 2014 and 2015. Jenna’s professionalism, dedication, skill and creativity combined with her calm demeanor is a win-win. Jenna’s ability to take my vision, from the shoot to the final edit, not only made this experience effortless, but tons of fun. I wholeheartedly recommend JAB films from start to finish."

Barbara Slaine

Liphe Balance Center and My Healing Rooms

"I have worked with many video producers over the years, and Jenna is among the best! She was wonderful to work with, and highly professional. She added just the right amount of creativity to our initial concept for a video – the refinement of the script, the selection of photos to strengthen the story, the pacing, the music. Please add Congregation B’nai Israel to your list of very satisfied clients."

Gail Becker

Non-profit Consultant

Congregation B’nai Israel

"The [Special Strides] video helped to raise $70,000 during our Annual barn benefit dance. For us it is obvious that pictures speak louder than words. People today are so visual. I would recommend all non profits have a video. Showing the video at the dance helped those in the audience understand why they were there. Often past attendees bring their friends and all they know or think is that Special Strides helps kids with special needs ride horses. After seeing the film, thanks to Jenna, they realize how much more we really are."


Karen Goldberg

Marketing Director

Special Strides Therapeutic Riding Center






"I happen to think you were not only the best person to edit this on the planet, but also the only person I want editing my content moving forward.  Your ability to tell a story trumps anything I’ve seen another editor do.  I also think how you educated yourself about the trailer, taking in people’s thoughts, and heavily considering what options you thought were best, was exactly how this process should be done. So in summary I think you are amazing!"

Ash Patino





"Jenna has been an absolute godsend! Her professionalism, attention to detail, dedication to her work, artistic expertise and project management are world-class. Her communication and editing skills are impeccable. She cares which says it all. She listened and integrated my feedback without a hitch, allowing our collaboration to grow with increasing trust each step along the way.  Jenna has transformed my project into something that I never thought possible. I am forever grateful."

Shoshanna Katzman

Two Rivers Academy of Taiji and Qigong

"Another home run!!! Thank you for your creative genius."

Susie Rehr

Executive Director of Special Strides





"My goodness, you are incredibly generous.  I’m really moved by the time and intention you took to really parse things out, give really skillful feedback, both emotional and technical while also balancing it out with what you loved about it. You really are masterful at giving feedback. I’m so glad I asked you!  Thank you so much for bringing your full self to the story and film. Your insights & heart are teaching me!"


Ashley Mosher

Personal documentary filmmaker

"Thank you for your incredibly generous and really informative response to my video. I'm so excited to play with your suggestions! I am deeply grateful for your time and wisdom. You’re the eye and ear we only dream about."


Salome Chasnoff

Documentary filmmaker





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