JAB Films, LLC



JAB FILMS is an award winning film production company located in central NJ.  Founded in 2010 by owner Jenna A. Bush, JAB FILMS has since served many local and national non-profits, entertainment companies, independent artists, corporations, and more.  Filmmaker Jenna A. Bush is an award winning director, editor, and producer with a strong dedicated team of cinematographers and film professionals.  

We take the time to get to know our clients and develop a deep understanding of their message so we can tell their story from the inside out.


How can non-profit organizations turn an basic acknowledgement into a sizable donation?  The key is creating a sense of connection. We understand the heart of nonprofits and the value they hold in their communities.  Director Jenna A. Bush specializes in capturing the essence of these organizations and using the power of film to inspire empathy and compassion and ultimately donations.  


People understand what nonprofits do.  We make them feel it.



The mission of JAB FILMS is to bring the relationships between organizations and their communities to new heights by initiating conversation, inspiring empathy, and ultimately spreading compassion in a ripple effect.


Professional, engaging, and affordable films for businesses and non-profit organizations are designed specifically to spark this communication, bring the community together, and inspire the humanitarian in all of us. 





Capturing the ESSENCE,
             the SPIRIT,
        the BEAUTY,
of all the things that make us