JENNA A. BUSH | Documentary Editor & Filmmaker

I am a documentary editor and award-winning filmmaker in NJ with over 10 years of experience.  


I began my production company JAB Films, LLC in 2012 one year after graduating from TCNJ.  Since then, I've produced, directed, and edited countless short films for a variety of clientele.  My favorite projects are always the documentary style shorts for non-profit organizations.

My specialty is in documentary editing.  I thrive in crafting stories without a script.  For me it's like solving an omnidirectional puzzle that at the same time must be genuine and convey a dynamic emotional journey.  When working on a project, I submerge myself into that world so that I can tell the story from the inside out.


I love documentaries, with a strong emotional journey. I love films that make me question the way I see the world and inspire me to grow as a person.  

My storytelling method is intuitive. I feel my way through the edit to tell the most impactful story possible.

Film inspires within us a sense of connection and a feeling of possibility. Documentaries are so powerful because they amplify real voices of real people. They provide a sense of understanding and a deepening of empathy that one can usually only get by going through something first hand.  In this way, films play a vital roll in shaping the way we see the world and each other.